Competitor Analysis and Website Strategy in Digital Marketing 2020

Competitor Analysis

‘Competitor Analysis’ is nothing but analyzing your competitor’s website and the internet marketing strategies for improving your website as a high rank.

How can we find our Competitor?

             Step 1: First we analyze the current keyword trends for your business using Google Trends.

             Step 2: After finding the top keywords, you should use it in your locality for the business you run.

             Step 3: Type the keyword or key phrase in Google Search Engine.

             Step 4: All the websites displayed under the Organic Search Results are to be considered as your online competitors.

Example to find the competitor:

Competitor Analysis by using keyword

When we are going to type the keyword as “Departmental store” in the Google search bar, it will show our competitors.Then we should start with analyzing the websites like and listed in this Organic Search Results.

We should  need to look at various components in your competitor’s website like

  1. Website content in all pages.
  2. Keywords used in all pages.
  3. Home page design.
  4. Offers/Benefits.
  5. Banners design.
  6. Menu Items used in all pages.
  7. Delivery/check out Options provided.
  8. Logo in website.
  9. Pictures in all pages.
  10. Phone Numbers / Inquiry Form / Chat (Support Options available).
  11. Feedback form.
  12. Terms & Conditions.
  13. Product Information (Look at the description for products. images in various angles like Amazon products information).
  14. Shopping cart experience (Add to cart, Buy Now, Payment Gateway, Cash On Delivery, Card on Delivery, easy 2 or 3 steps purchase experience).
  15. Customer newsletter and sign up strategy.
  16. Gift vouchers provided.
  17. Offers for festivals.
  18. Product Search option.
  19. Social Media and Videos (How engaging? What customers speak? Like feedback).
  20. Reviews & Ratings.
  21. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  22. Title, Meta Description & Image Alt Tags for every page in their website.

Prepare an Excel sheet for all those points for all competitors. With all such points, identify drawbacks and put in the best approach in your site. Important thing is to provide better Unique Selling Points and Support options in your site.

Also, analyze your competitors’ presence in Social media platforms like,

  1. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pintrest…
  2. Online Business Directories like just dial, suleka, etc.,
  3. Online Communities like Wal-Mart’s Elevenmoms etc.,
  4. Online Forums like Quora.
  5. Press Releases
  6. Blogs
  7. YouTube channels and videos

Those things are very useful to create a better approach site towards your branding exercise.

Website Strategy

In order to build a strengthened Website, the following core components are essential:

  1. Know your current Trends in your target location and form your Keyword and Content strategies for your Website-Google Trends.
  2. Know your Competitor’s Website Advantages and come up with better solutions in your website-Prepare Excel sheet.
  3. Your Website Domain Name is your key to success. So choose it after your Keyword Analysis.
  4. If your Domain Name contains a core keyword, it is an added advantage for you to come up in Google Search results.
  5. Provide enough Content & Images to better understand your products and services.
  6. Your Unique Selling Points like Promotion for the month, Technical Specification, Guarantee / Warranty information should be highlighted to make your visitor stay long in your site.
  7. Every page should need to have an answer to “What Next?” (“Call to Action”).
  8. Some of the call to actions:

                Inquiry Form

                Call us Now (Phone Number)

                Buy Now

                Add To Cart

                Book Now

                Learn More

  1. Provide an Easy Checkout facility. Your visitor should be able to complete the checkout process in max 2 or 3 steps.
  2. As there is no representative to explain the technical details online, your Technical Specifications should need to have to complete descriptions.
  1. Improve user confidence in Social Media Plug-in, Reviews and Ratings.
  2. Improve user Engagement in the site like Attractive Banners, Live Chat, Blogs, Layout of your website, Font and Background, Menus, Informative or descriptive Videos, Home page design, and logo design.
  1. Improve Customer/Visitor Retention strategy, Easy Signup, Newsletter Signup and download free PDF options about the product or service, remembering the user choices and showing relevant products/services.

Those results which help to a higher sales opportunity. If you are having a great website design with all the above components is a key factor for your Digital Marketing success. As people enter your website, you should try various experiments to make them stay and achieve what you expect them to do on your website. It could be an inquiry or a sale or a phone call.


You should need to buy a domain name and hosting server for your website. You may do this on your own website from websites like,,… Make sure to search for the best packages before you choose your Domain and Hosting provider. Compare their reviews especially support before choosing them.

Mobile Responsive Website:

Many visitors are using Mobiles to view your websites. If you are not having a mobile version for  your website or a mobile responsive website, you are going to lose your mobile visitors. A normal website is not good for the engagement of Mobile Visitors because they are in various screen sizes.

There are two ways to approach:

Either you can create a mobile version of your website or you can make your Website Mobile Responsive using HTML5/CSS3.

Important Tips:

If you are in India and not having a mobile responsive design, you are going to miss a lot of customers.

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