Complete Guide of Google Trends 2020

Google trends introduction
  • Knowing your product in depth and analyzing how it fares on the internet is the primary step to be carried out. Google Trends provides you the trending search data in Google for your business.

For example, as a Supermarket owner will be able to compare and analyze the trending search terms in Google.

Google Trends Provides,

  • Latest Stories and Insights
  • Recently trending
  • Year in Search
  • Google News Initiative.

By analyzing the current search Query for your business, you will able to understand the specific search terms (technically called as keywords) users enquire globally and locally.

By frame your Website Content and Keyword Strategy after analyzing query in Google Trends, you will be able to address the users by delivering them what they searched for.

Get Started

Let’s see one simple analysis in Google Trends. I want to see the search trends for three

Keywords like “supermarket” ,”Department store “and “grocery store” in search bar of google trends. I want to know about which search term is more popular in South India. so that I can buy my website domain name and create content based on that search trends.

Steps to be followed in Google trends

Step 1: Analyzing the search result Supermarket in search bar

Step 2: Adding the search term ‘grocery store’ and ‘Department store’ for comparison

Step 3: Selecting the geographical locations for a refined search list

Step 4: selecting Categories of your particular search keyword (In the case of grocery Stores lies on the category could either be                          business and industrial or shopping)

Step 5: search Query will display like as images or videos in YouTube can also be examined

Step 6: Filter the data for specific period

Google Trends shows results as Trending data for your keywords and also It provides “Interest over time”, “Regional Interest” and “Related Searches”

Interest over time shows the relative search trends graph for your keywords. It will show an Additional feature of the news headlines and forecast feature.

The news headlines feature is marked with alphabets and gives you information about an Insight of the search results has been high or low volume during that particular period of time.

google trends-Google news initiative
google trends-Recently Trending
google trends-Years in search
Regional comparison in Google trends
Related Queries in Google trends
Competitor Analysis in Google Trends

Regional Interest

The selected geographical locations display a deeper view of how the search results have performed in state wise and city wise.By this we can see how people search in different states and cities.

Related Searches

It shows the Trending Search Queries related to “supermarket, “grocery store”and “Department store” keyword. If you are going to choose Risingtab, it shows other rising queries for keyword.


  •  It helps you find the trending keywords or search queries in specific region or worldwide and also identifying website content and keyword strategy.
  • It helps to choose your domain name based on current keyword trends for your business in your locality.
  • Important thing is noted as people in different region search and use different keywords to look for same business.

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