What is Digital Marketing


  • Creating interest in product (or) services to the customer.
  • Promoting a product (or) services to reach the right audience.


Process of Marketing

  • Research –Whether the product or service is suitable to customer     
  • Promote – Promoting the Product or Service
  • Sale – Selling the Product

Types of Marketing

       1.Traditional Marketing

2.Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

  •  In traditional marketing, Marketers use techniques such as newspaper ads, TV ads, Radio  ads, calling method, pamphlet, etc.
  • But these techniques are highly expensive and less effective

Disadvantage of Traditional Marketing

  • Interrupt Marketing
  • Highly expensive
  • Can not track the result
  • It holds only for short period of time

Marketing Trends

  • Instead of promoting a product educate the customer about the product (or) service.
  • Identify the problem of your customer and provide solution through your product.

Marketing Stages

1. Awareness


         3. Decision making

World goes digital?

  • After the birth of internet, everything becomes digital
  • In 2000,364 million people where using internet in the world
  • In 2018, it became 4 billion where using internet in the world.
  • In average, a person spends 3 hours in internet/day. In which they spend 2 hours in social media website.

Digital Marketing

  • Promoting a product or service through digital channels such as
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

   Ex: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing

  • Target only Local Audience.
  • It can’t give Audience choice like read or watch content.
  • Interaction with your audience is not possible at any time.
  • Traditional marketing channels like Television, Newspaper, Radio, Flyers and billboards  by the roads and  highways, Ads in connected weekly magazines, Telephone (telemarketing, sms selling, etc.)

              1.It is interrupt marketing

     2. Highly expensive

          3. Can’t track the result

 Digital Marketing

  • Target Local and International Audience.
  • Target the Audience based on demographics like gender, age, location and interest.
  • It can give the audience choice like reading the blog and watch the YouTube video.
  • Interaction with your audience is possible (social media-Facebook, twitter, Instagram)
  • Digital Marketing Channels like Website, Social Media Promotions, PPC & SEM Campaigns,    Content  Advertising, Email Marketing

                      1.It is not a interrupt Marketing

2.Less expensive

         3. Can track the result

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Targeting the right audience based on demographics.
  • Real time result measurement through Google Analytic tool.
  • Tracking the customers.
  • Analyze the pros and cons.
  • There is no beyond the edge.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Brand development

Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social media Optimization (SMO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing.