Email Marketing Training Objective

Email marketing Service is enhance the relationship between the company and its customers because though the emails are sent in bulk, it addresses the recipient as an individual entity. Our Email marketing Course training combines the creative aspects of design and development with the technical aspects of advertising and sales to become an employable marketing strategy.Email marketing campaign has some notable advantages, especially for e-commerce businesses.Email marketing Courses is particularly beneficial when a company wants to address its existing customers, inducing them to buy product variants, improved versions of the current products they are using, product add-ons and so on.Email marketing Training can be of various types. They can be Welcome Mails written purely to thank a customer for recently purchasing a particular product or signing up for a service. Such emails not only serve to thank but also give out valuable information about the company to the customer which he might pass on to others through word-of-mouth, creating sources of new leads for the company.

Email Marketing Course Content

Why Use Email Marketing at All

  • Why Use a Professional Email Marketing Service?
  • Blueprint of Email Marketing
  • Why choose Email Marketing
  • Importance of Advertising Industry
  • Difference Between Email Marketing and Advertising?

Types of Email Marketing

  • Opt-in email
  • Double-Opt in
  • Broadcast email
  • Auto Responder email

Setting up Email Campaigns

  • Creating Landing pages
  • Design and construction
  • Completion, testing and sending
  • Creating bulk emailing campaign
  • Advanced Tracking Segments

Tips for Email Campaign

  • Spam Violates
  • Guidelines for CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • Tips to send emails directly to the inbox instead of spam folder
  • Top email marketing software’s list
  • Implementing  A/B testing to increase ROI