SEO: It is a technique of making your website on top of the SERP for a keyword entered by user.

For ex:

How Search Engine Works
How Search Engine Works

When compare the volume of laptop and shoes , shoes has more volume but less time to retrieve. How is it possible?

  • Because of Google use some algorithm
  • Google successive not retrieving data instead of storing the data as per category.
  • Google know everything (shoe, sachin, politician, history, famous persons, author, etc.,)

                1.It is collecting data’s

                2.Storing properly


Search Engine working below category:

1. Crawling— Collecting data—— software: crawler, Google bot, spider. Per day 1000 of times do this work.

2. Indexing—- store as per categories (Based on your content stored in different category).

3. Calculating relevancy—Ranking factors (Based on this who should come top was decided).

4. Retrieving results—Display the results in SERP page.


For ex: Sachin record saved in Google database like this


Calculating Relevancy:

                If there are five persons are writing Blog about sachin, whose results come first?

  • Based on content and 200 factors based result come top.
  • Ranking Factors.
  • Content (Never ever copy content from others)
  • Description (should not 3 to 4 lines)

Crawler Read some important places 

        1. Title
        2. Description
        3. H1 to H6 Heading
        4. Image Alt
        5. Bold and Italics
        6. Links
        7. Filename
        8. First line of Paragraph


                Don’t write sachin is a great player.

                Should be write as Bold and Italics.

Filename or URL Optimization: 

                Inserting keyword in filename is called filename optimization

                Ex: Bad url optimization: / webdeign.php

                Good url optimization: / Best web design institute in Coimbatore.

Keyword Research Technique

There are four types:

      1. Brain storming
      2. Google suggest
      3. Never show Instant search Results
      4. Keyword planner

Brain Storming:

Title: First look poster of Indian 2

                How do people search that title in Google?

  • First look of indian2.
  • Upcoming movie of kamal hasan.
  • Hamalhasan new movie name.
  • Hamalkasan new poster.
  • Indian2 movie poster.
  • Indian2 movie first look poster.

 Un educate peoples are type those kind of title.

Google Suggest:

                If you type “indian2” in Google, it suggest more title in search

google suggest keyword research technique

Put all those Keywords in your Blog, Definitely your Blog will come First.

                If you type “bigil first” in Google, it suggest more title in search bar.

google suggest keyword research technique method

Never show Instant Search Results:

                ->go to search setting ->click never show instant search results ->save.

                Now, type in search engine box “Indian 2” ->Google suggest More results.

                So, never show search Instant gives more than 8 results.

                These results are typed more than 1000 of times.

We have to use these keywords in Title and Description.

Title (67) :Indian 2 first look out: Kamal Haasan says Happy Pongal with last film in

Description (160) :Kamalhashan new movie name Indian2 first look pics,Images,Photos download.indian2 movie stills and latest news.whos is heroine in indian2.

Ex:Title for webdesign company

“Top and Best Webdesign company in Coimbatore for java and .net “

  • Content should starts with H2, H3, H4 heading (H1 to H6 headings use).H1 heading use only one time.
  • Always cover all the mistakes in content.
  • Use Bold and Italics in Blog content.
  • For every post you should use Featured Image and you have use Alt text (choose default layout)
  • Tag: We should use all keywords in tags (not more than 12 we can’t use).
  • Webmaster tool: Before you submit here, you should submit in your website.

Just follow these steps to fetch your posts and pages to be crawled and indexed by Google manually:

Google search console search bar

Enter your post or page URL in above seen box and press Enter

Google search console page url enter

After pressing enter you will see the above screen.

What does this means?

  1. Green tick at 1 means post or page URL is already indexed or fetched by google.
  2. if you can’t see green tick you click the button Request Indexing, it will be crawled by google after some times. it will take some times.