Mobile Marketing Training Objective

Mobile Marketing is one of the leading marketing Technique in Digital Marketing. Because most of peoples are using mobile phone for searching content,image,video and access website.With faster internet speeds available even on mobile devices, people are accessing the web even when they are in travelling.Hence, websites are receiving increasing traffic with more and more opportunities to target the customers and make sales. 

For small and large scale companies to attract traffic and generate sales through mobile marketing, their websites should be convenient with mobile SEO practices.Search Engine Optimisation for websites already exists to make them easily found on search engine result pages on desktops through techniques like keyword use, backlinks, page load times, engaging content and so on. Almost similar SEO techniques exist for mobile marketing as well.

The most important thing in mobile marketing is a responsive design for website and landing pages.Responsive design helps the website layout conform to varying screen sizes of desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and smartphones. Regardless of the device he uses, the viewer will always see a well-formatted website layout with good web page flow.

Mobile Marketing Training Course Syllabus

Mobile Marketing: Overview

  • Mobile app fundamentals
  • Introduction to mobile apps for business
  • Platforms Apps development
  • Types of Apps Stores

Launching App like Pro

  • Ways to launch App
  • Pros and Cons of App

Make Money from App

  • Free VS Paid installs
  • Making money from App
  • Strategies for making money from App

App Store Optimization

  • Introduction
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Analysis